Thursday, December 23, 2010

Trans Wisconsin

This is a route I've been interested in doing since it's inception last year. This year it is starting on June 18th. The route goes from the southern border of Wisonsin and Illinois and it runs all the way north to Lake Superior for 550ish miles. There's not much information on the route because I don't think all that many people have actually ridden it. Today I found some decent stuff over on ADV rider. It's a dual sport site and the logging roads and terrain draw a decent amount of those riders to the trail. I'm kicking around the idea of going this year but I can't commit. Getting to the start and then figuring out how to get back home is a bit harder for that one and I still have a single egg that is most important but we'll see...I'm still thinking on it.

There has been some discussion about start dates and the course for the CTR over the last few days. Some are talking about a start as early as mid-June and as late as mid-August. There has even been some discussion about direction of travel. Some are interested in doing a route from Durango to Denver. With all of the stuff from last year, I'm glad I decided to not start but I am extremely eager to get back on the CT. Personally I don't care what the masses decide to do as I have my own agenda. I will be starting on August 1 at 0600 from Denver. I've got some big plans/expectations this year and I'm hoping to do something special come August.

I'm thinking more about the race in December than I did the last 2 years. I'm also taking a hard look at my gear and I'll be eliminating some stuff and making some changes that fit the strategy that I intend to put into place this year.


Marshal said...

Sooo, sub 5 days target, or finish no matter what?

No matter the plan, I look forward to tracking you in 2011!!

Chris said...

You know I hate putting that out there.

You're gonna have to be on the edge of your beanbag until then.