Sunday, December 12, 2010

Shoulda known better

I Stepped out on the deck late this morning with a cup of coffee and was amazed at how nice the sun felt. I promptly came back in and looked in the fridge to see if I had any food to take on an adventure. Summer Sausage was the first thing I saw. I packed up, threw the SS on top of the Subaru and I was off. I decided to head out to Lake George and start my loop there. I ended up riding out to 11 Mile Reservoir. The temps and the wind were arctic out there. They always are. My buddy Scott and I call it the South Park hurricane. As I headed north, I was hurting and barely turning the pedals over. I kept staring at the turn on the GPS that would put the wind at my back. Finally I made it and I coasted for about close to 2 miles. I rode all the way around the reservoir and then hooked up with a forest road that dropped me down into 11 Mile Canyon. This eventually put me back on highway 24 and back the the car. 4 hours and 40 miles later and I was frozen. I didn't even stop to eat lunch.

I saw one guy fishing with his 2 little boys in the entire canyon.

Lot's of ice building up. The flows are low and the trout are hunkered down into the deeper pools. This reminded me that I need to locate that pin hole in my waders and get it patched or the it's gonna be a COLD winter of fishing.

I did the Ansel Adams thing most of the day because the clouds were rolling in and it looked like it was going to snow at any minute. For a short time in the canyon, the sun came out and absolutely lit up this rock.

This was about 2 hours of the ride today.

Super cool fence just off the river.

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