Monday, December 27, 2010


Years ago when the iPod first came out and Heather said she wanted one, I poked fun at her. I don't know what I said but I think I thought it was a joke or unnecessary. Whatever. We used hers in the car and, while it was pretty nifty, I didn't think I needed one. That all changed one day when I asked her if I could borrow hers for a long day on the river chasing trout. It was amazing. I had my entire music collection with me. I could delicately present dry flies with something soothing playing in my ear. When the sun went down, I changed over to a big ugly streamer and, with those, it's perfectly ok to be violent when casting and then I could listen to something harder while muscling that ugly, water logged fly through the air and then stripping it back to me. I even took a long nap in the grass with it on.

I ended up buying my own that night. It's gotta be going on 6 years old now. It's taken a beating and it's starting to have problems. Heather got me a Nano for gift this year. This thing is amazing. It's tiny. It holds 16 gigs of music but that's plenty. I never brought my iPod on the CTR. I use it a ton during training but was always trying to trim weight where I could. Music is going to be a big reward for me this year though and this will be perfect. I can even store pics off Heather and the pups on it. I used it yesterday when I was in the gym. I'm amazed at some of the technology that we have.

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