Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Fun in the garage

I was looking for something to do today so I eventually found my way out to the garage. The hood of the Subaru eventually found its way open and I stood peering in the engine bay. Soon I found myself looking at the factory grounds. They looked horrible. I figured I'd get a base measurement so I started the motor and let it warm up before hooking up a meter to the battery terminals. I showed just a hair over 14 volts with everything off. I unbolted all 4 of the grounds and 3 of them were sitting on top of paint. I cleaned them up really good and ground all of them down to bare metal and reinstalled them with dielectric grease. Then I decided to go a step further. I took some 10 gauge wire and made my own upgraded grounding kit. I see these things selling for as much as $80 and that's silly. I ended up using a daisy chain kinda designand went from the battery, drivers head, trans, throttle body, alternator, passengers head, then to the chassis. It took a while since my OCD doesn't really dig wires hanging out all over. When I was done, the meter read 14.6 volts. The extra juice can't be bad and it'll help out when I install my Hella driving lights.

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