Friday, December 24, 2010


Look what just showed up for me. These babies came all the way from New York from the fine folks at Rally Armor. They should increase horsepower by at least 15.7 according to the ass dyno.

I've been looking at getting some rally inspired mud flaps for a while now. RA's high end set costs a whopping $130 and I was having a tough time shelling out those duckets. I went back and forth between RA and a guy over in Salt Lake that also does them. My Buddy Hot Carl was also looking for some for his WRX and I turned him onto the ones from Utah but, after seeing some pics of them mounted, I kinda went back to these. In the end I went for RA's Classic model of flap instead of the newest one which uses a slightly different compound. Technically, these are a Xmas/birthday present from Heather but I had to order them up so the right ones found their way but now Heather's giving me the business. You would not believe the negotiating I had to do just to take a look at them. I've been told (quite rudely I might add) that I am NOT allowed to install them today and that I have to wait until tomorrow which I think is total crap but I am going to oblige.

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