Saturday, December 11, 2010

J Crew

Heather can be kind of hard for me to shop for. Well a couple of weeks ago she slid the laptop over my way and asked if I liked a watch she was looking at from J Crew. I told her I thought it was ugly but, in reality, I took a mental note of it and put it on the back burner. I was on to something. I would finally be able to get her something that she really wanted and she probably wouldn't know about it. 2 days later I ordered it AND it was on sale. Last week, she tells me that she saw a story on the internet about that actual watch and how a bunch of people were complaining about their orders being cancelled. I pretended to not have a clue about the watch but then I called them because it had been over a week since I ordered the thing. The gal wants my order number and name and then she says, "Oh.....Neumann." "Yes...I say....Neumann." She says, "Yeah...I just spoke with your wife about this order." "What?" I ask if my wife was informed that I had ordered the watch for her and she says, "Well yes." Now I get angry. Not only was the order cancelled due to it being out of stock but I wasn't notified of the cancellation AND now my wife knows what I was going to get her for a gift. I ask to speak to a supervisor and, of course, one's not there. I'm informed that I can get the watch in a few days because they'll have more in but I tell her I'm not sure I wanna give them any money now that they've ruined my surprise. She apologizes and I'm sure it wasn't HER fault so I try to be nice.

Today while we're out running errands, I broach the subject of said watch with her. She swears she didn't inquire about my order but it really doesn't matter now anyway. I decide to go ahead and order it again but now I'm gonna wait until Monday so I can call and make sure I get it for the sale price that I originally bought it for. We get home and a while ago Heather shows me an online chat she's been having with an employee. The watch is on sale again but it's out of stock again. This employee tells Heather that the watch has been pulled because somone forgot to not include the watch in the sale. It will be available again on Monday. Now I'm sure that this is what happened the first time too. Now I'm mad. The employee actually admits that this is what happened in the correspondance.

Thanks a lot J Screw.

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