Thursday, December 23, 2010


We watch a lot of trash tv over here and tonight I've been watching a new show called Peacemaker. It's about a guy that tries to work with LA gangs as a mediator and stop the gang wars. I have always been fascinated with gang activity. My first teaching job after college saw me working with a lot of gang bangers and I even had members from opposing sets in the same classroom. Back in STL we have a lot of African American gangs. In this area we have far more gangs with a Latino influence but there's so many similarities between gangs, in general. Last year I had what I would call very minor ripples in the water (and they were all Blood related). Any gang activity in school is always concerning but I was confident that it could be squashed easily and it was. This year I've seen a huge increase in Latino activity and it's much more serious. It's always interesting to speak with gang members. A lot of times I think about working back in the system when we move home. I don't know that I wanna be in a job where I'm putting hands on kids half a dozen times a day and making regular visits to the ER but I could see myself teaching in a juvie facility. I can also see myself working in probation with either adolescents or adults.

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