Monday, December 20, 2010

Building a rally car

This car is owned by a guy in southern California. It started out as a 2005 STI daily driver and then the guy started doing some rallycross with it. He started doing little upgrades and then decided to build a full on rally car out of it. I've been keeping up with the build. Much of the fab work is done by Jackson Racing also out of southern California. Everything on the car is top notch and has been neat to see go together but I always enjoy watching the cage work get completed. All the seams on the car were stitch welded during the process and I really liked the way they tied things into the strut towers to beef up the front end.

Super pimp welds.

This is the tie in from the strut tower to the top of the frame rail.

Very expensive jungle gym.

A WRC car probably costs about a million to put together. I don't think he's there yet but there IS a large sum of money sunk into this beast.

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