Saturday, December 25, 2010


Bodhi and Dharma did pretty well in the gift department. This was taken just after they went through their stockings. They were both crammed with treats and Bodhi even got a glow in the dark ball. He loves him some fetch.

Bodhi kinda took control of opening up this present which was actually for both of them.

It was a big rope toy for them to play tug o war with. Bodhi was pretty excited about it and promptly took off with it and Dharma decided to not give chase and buy into his tricks.

Instead, she decided to commence with the fashion show.

Eventually she gave up on the bow and settled for a new scarf. She looks incredible.

Santa brought me several packages of Skittles and some Paydays, my favorite orange Tic Tacs, new boxers (what's Christmas without some new underwear...more on this in a minute), a book, an iPod Nano, and some mud flaps. Santa brought Heather some Sheepskin slippers, a watch, some PJ's (not those kinda PJ's....nothing racey and no I'm not posting pics you sick bass turds), and a nice blanket b/c she's always cold.

Back to the undies. I guess when I was about 19 or 20 (it was the first Christmas that I finally said to hell with going to either of my parents house) is the first time I met a very special lady. I was working at the Touring Cyclist at the time and that's when I started hanging out with the Corbitt boys. Their mother insisted that I come over for Christmas and, with not much notice at all, she made sure that I had something to open. Socks and underwear. She was actually going through chemotherapy at the time and when I met her she was bald but wore a multi-colored clown wig. I thought of that woman as my mother and, even though I'm closest with Adam and Dave, I think of all the siblings as my brothers and sisters and often refer to them that way. That family fed me when I was hungry. Put clothes on my back (and ass) and even gave me a bed to sleep in for quite a while. Her and Mr. Corbitt (a chaplain) put up with a TON of shit from us as we were pretty wild. For no reason at all. Mommy 12 would lose her battle with cancer a few years later after a tough fight. Rest in peace Mommy. I still think of you and the lessons you taught me.

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