Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

This is our tree in all its glory. We were going to fetch a real one from the woods but it didn't seem so festive without the snow. So...fake it is. I think this is the most gifts that have ever been under our tree. I must say...I'm not real big on the holidays and Heather has been slowly breaking me in but, I am actually excited this year. I was able to get Heather some gifts that I know she really wanted but she has no idea (I've taken careful notes throughout the year). We also got the puppies quite a few nice things. I even decided to wait on my mudflap install.

We really wanted to get a nice picture of the family around the tree this year but that didn't work out so hot. In this pic you can see that, although I look cool and relaxed, I actually had just mere seconds to slide across the floor into position and then grab Bodhi. He thought he was in trouble and let out a little pee but I would avoid it.

In this second picture, I tried to make things more natural looking by attempting to cross my legs. I'm not very flexible though. The look you see on my face is not one of constipation but of a possible pulled hammy. My girlish shriek caused Bodhi to buck like a bronco and, in a chain reaction sent Dharma into a tizzy. We're quite a good looking family and we certainly have our shit together. I hope all of you have a wonderful holiday season.

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