Sunday, May 17, 2009

I think today was the first nice day we've had up here that I've actually been able to take advantage of. A lot of the weekends have been colder and rainy or snowy. I didn't even have to wear a base layer today. Or a hat. I got in 65 miles that included 2 trips up and down the pass. I also set new personal power records for 5 second, 1 minute, 60 minute and 120 minute. Woot woot.

I also just got back from Wal-Mart where I scored some new black socks.

Saturday, May 16, 2009


I have been very worried about this years CTR for several weeks now but I haven't been able to even think about it because things are so stressful at work and I can't take on anymore. I just finished up 2 grad school classes and I am taking 1 this summer. Then I'm down to my final 3 hours before graduation. I need some gear for an attempt this year but I wasn't thinking that student loans wont be an option for me as I'll be less than part time. In a perfect world I'd run a new drivetrain, new wheels, rebuild the fork, and get new brakes. I also would like to do a new sleeping system. Heather is very worried about this year and I have to replace my SPOT so she has some piece of mind. Now I'm trying to prioritize things. The SPOT is non-negotiable. I might be able to get by with a new cassette and chain and run the same rear derailleur and chain rings. I worked on those breaks several times a day last year but I may have to run them again this year. The fork needs new seals but I may take a chance. Maybe the rear hub will hold up? I need to make a call but I think I can borrow a bivy this year. I know I'll probably get wet from condensation but I don't have many options. This race is just so darn hard on equipment but it pretty.

CTR 2009

There has been talk of changes to the course for the last several months and a decision was finally made. The first change is a good one in my mind. It avoids the Lost Creek Wilderness and last year we took the Taryall detour. It's 75ish or so miles of mostly fire roads and I really don't like it. I'm very happy with the fact that we will now be heading into the town of Bailey instead. There's plenty of options for food there and then we'll head up 285 to Kenosha Pass and then get back on the trail and start the climb up Georgia Pass. The second change will put us on some steep singletrack that I don't expect will be rideable for most of the way from Breckenridge (over the 10 Mile Range) and down into Copper Mountain. The last change and the one that will be the most difficult is that we will ride the high altitude sections of the trail through segments 22 and 23. Last year the detour was on fire roads and this year the vote was to keep us on as much trail as possible. This will add about 30 miles of singletrack and the majority of that will be above treeline. Most will be 12,ooo' with a substantial portion of it being above 13,000'. For those that know the area, this is Coney Summit and Cataract Ridge. It's a very dangerous place. Storms are completely unpredicatable. Lightning can be deadly and I know people that have had to deal with horizontal hail, rain, and snow throughout the summer. I know of 2 guys that hunkered down for 18 hours there just waiting for weather to clear. The other major concern is that it's going to make food much more of a strategy this year. If you time it right, you can catch a store at Mount Princeton hot springs and load up on some pretty decent stuff. It's definitely gonna be interesting if weather becomes a factor and riders have to hide out and eat valuable food that could mean a hungry ride into Silverton. I'm pretty sure that Lake City is not an option this year for food so getting to Silverton is a must.

Saturday, May 9, 2009


Citizen On Patrol.

Back when I used to work for Big Shark, Weiss was the COP supreme. Today I took action.

I was at Dicks looking for swim trunks for the Mexico trip. I considered a Speedo but that's another story. I left the store with nothing. I'm sitting in the van at an intersection and I see this guy backing out of his spot. He does not look like he knows what he's doing. He backs into a new Maxima and crunches it good. My mouth hit the floor. Then he put it in drive and started to leave and I began yelling. At least a dozen people saw this and no one took action. I got the plate number and wrote a note and put it on the car with my info. Wish someone would have helped me out last night. Not sure what will happen.

I do remember when my Audi got hit one night at Blockbuster and a witness got the plates of the other driver and the cops said they couldn't do a thing about it. Seemed suspect.

Friday, May 8, 2009

That's about right

After this ridiculous week at work, I was hoping things would look up. I took a little nap and was feeling better. I decided to go grab some beers and then come home and watch tv with Heather. I had just pulled into a parking space at City Market and was unhooking the iPod when...... BAM!!!!!!!! I actually thought I got hit. I get out and walk around to the other side of the van to find a shopping cart there. Not more than 20 yards away is a place to put the carts. I start looking every which way for someone with their tail between their legs but I don't see anyone. I looked back at the van to see this 8"x 2" dent in the sliding door. I'm in amazement. I realize the van is 20 years old but that's beside the point. Why do people NOT put the cart where it belongs when they're done!!!! That's what it's there for!!!!

I was just looking at the van after work and figuring out what I was going to do next with it. Body work is not my area of expertise. Thanks jackass!!!!

Since I've been home....Bodhi has puked up all his food. Peed and pooped on the Pergo I installed a few months ago. Now the fat man's snoring and sleeping on the back of the couch. Tomorrow I may take him up above tree line, turn him loose and drive home as fast as possible.

Monday, May 4, 2009


I've had Dharma for 7 years now. We both went through an extensive K9 training course together. I've put a ton of time into her. I love her so much. She changed my life and the way I look at it. She is the reason I was able to allow Heather to get close. It saddens me to say that she has begun to exhibit some behaviors that I am not happy with. She soaks up the attention from people. She's always loved playing around with other dogs. Last year when I was in the pre-ride meeting for the CTR, Heather and Dharms were outside and another owner brought their dog up to Dharma. Heather said the dog was sketchy and instigated things and there was an altercation that made Heather uncomfortable. No damage was done and both dogs were on leash. I get mad though because I truly believe that the dog looks to the owner and trusts that the owner will not put them in a position where they will get hurt. I believe (or worry) that it impacts the trust with the dog. Right after we got Bodhi, we were having a coffee and another gal brought her dog (that she had just rescued) up to both dogs. Right away I noticed that her dog's hackles were up and I didn't dig how things looked. Before I could put my cup down, they were growling and snapping at each other. Again, no damage. Tonight, a neighbor from up the street was going to walk her dog right when we were and she wanted them to say hi. Things were fine for a few seconds and then Dharma went after him. I don't know what the hell to think.

Did I ruin her by getting Bodhi?

Is she being protective of Bodhi?

I've been walking Bodhi so I can work with him (Dharma's great on leash while walking). Would these events have happened if I had been handling her? I very much believe that the dog senses whatever energy the handler is sending out. Was Heather putting out a vibe b/c of the incidents she had dealt with? I told her right afterwards tonight that I want to put Dharma near a friends dog while I have control of her.

People will say what they want. I've heard it a million times before. Insurance companies consider her a pitbull. She is actually an American Staffordshire Terrier. Every once in a while I engage with someone on the street about her after they make a comment. As stupid as it sounds, I actually became interested in the breed b/c of the bad rap they got. I used to work with kids in residential settings that could have been killed and no one but me and a few others would have given a rats ass. I always likened my students to this breed.

If I did something to change her, I'd never forgive myself. For me, the sun rises and sets around her.

non-craptastic day

Work That's all I'm saying about that.

It was a bit chilly but I did manage to get in a ride after work. One trip down the pass and back up and then I finished things off with a solid effort up to Rampart Range road. I need to get the stats on this climb. It's a good one. I love climbing it. The bears are out of hibernation and there was evidence of that once I got up that way.

The van has 3 dome lights and another light just above the glove box. All lights are wired into the door switches except the one above the glove box. Makes no sense. Heather has to climb up in the dark while the rest of the van is lit up pretty well. Tonight I wired up the glove box light into the door switch so now I have 4 dome lights. Fairly easy to do (after locating the switch wire) and super functional. I'm happy.

Right now I'm enjoying a Belgian beer (Malheur) that my good friend Scott brought me. It's 10% ABV and it's OH SO GOOD. It's my second one tonight. That's all I'm saying about that too.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

craptastic day

I put some new brakes on a friends vehicle today and it took me forever. My phone kept ringing. I kept walking out in the driveway and looking at the fog and clouds. I made multiple trips to various stores looking for some stuff. I have an idea that I want to do insde the van but I can't find one thing I need to make it all come together. I even stopped to squeeze in a ride and got caught in some sleet. I finally got back on track after some late lunch and finished up the job. The day was not crappy due to the brake job at all. I was happy to help out. Just ready for some warmer weather. It's supposed to be the same tomorrow.


Came across this fox and her three kittens today. When I originally saw them, the kittens were all feeding off mom. I came back a few minutes later with the camera and watched them from a distance for a while. The pics didn't turn our too well. I didn't wanna get too close. This kind of thing simply amazes me.

Vanagon oddities

You're camping or what have you. You have left the windows down and can't find your keys. Let's say that it's beginning to rain and time is of the essence. run towards the vehicle and jump in. Turn on the headlights. Then pull back on the lever to engage the brights. You must hold the lever though. Then with your other hand...put down your ice cold beer in any of the various cup holders that easily within reach of the captains chair. Then hit the power window button so the windows go up. Turn off headlights and raise that bottle of beer.

Don't ask me how I figured this out but I think it's boss. Show me another vehicle that can do that, haul entire sheets of drywall, and comfortably get you around on your daily errands. I didn't think so.

Friday, May 1, 2009

I finished up the van tonight and filled up the tank. There doesn't appear to be any leaks so I got that goin for me.

Denver International Airport cancelled all flights to Mexico today until sometime in early June. Beautiful. So now we gotta figure out what the hell we're doing for our honeymoon.