Saturday, December 25, 2010

Today I played around a little bit in the garage and got my new Rally Armor mud flaps installed. I'm glad I ponied up the extra coin to get these instead of the cheaper ones I was considering. These replace the stock flaps and provide a lot more coverage and look the beez kneez. They're gonna be great once Heather and I start touring the club rally scene. I didn't take any pics of the install cuz it really wasn't that exciting. Just imagine several broken OEM bolts and even some time spent drilling through one particularly stubborn one to install the new stainless hardwear. The front flaps are held on with 4 bolts and the rears are secured by 3. On the rears, there's a bit of difference between where the flap sits and the wheel well liner (the liner is actually a bit lower) and this creates a bit of space between the 2. RA provides some really nice spacers to take up for that and make the final assembly pretty damn burly. I could probably use these as a tow point. Can't wait to have rocks bounce off them.

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