Monday, December 6, 2010

more car stuff

When I was working on the green car the other night, I had to remove all this air intake stuff. I started thinking about it maybe a day later and went back to it again yesterday. This picture shows pretty much the whole shebang. This is an interesting setup. Fresh air comes in right by that yellow cap. As it enters the main pipe, it passes over a 2.5" opening that leads down into that larger tank that sits right on the frame rail. The main pipe turns towards the motor then and passes over a slightly smaller hole that, again, drops down into a smaller tank. Finally, the main pipe hangs a left and, once again, the air passes over another hole that leads to another tank.

Here's the underside of the initial collector. Only the triangular shaped hole at the top right allows air in.

Here you can see the main pipe and the second and third tanks.

This is the big daddy first tank.

Just because I can't ever leave well enough alone, and the fact that I was bored, I decided to mess with it. Some drivers will rip all of this restrictive piping out and do a straighter shot cold air intake. The problem with them is that they end up sucking in a lot of warm air from the engine bay. They sure sound good though. I can only guess that these tanks act like baffles to keep things quieter but....what a waste of material. I's already been wasted but what if I recycled the tanks?? I decided to try it and see what the effect would be. I'm holding on to the tanks to make sure nothing catastrophic ensues. I didn't get a shot of the final product but I was able to plug all of them in a really similar fashion. The end result was a much tidier engine bay and a much more pleasing sound when you get in it a bit. Exhausts can sound really cool but I've always been a fan of a cool intake sound. I'm also gonna watch the fuel consumption and see if it drops but that's gonna be biased since I sometimes like to hear the neat noise it now makes. It's the simple things really.

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