Thursday, December 16, 2010


I really do enjoy working on cars but this Impala is starting to chap my ass. The biggest reason is simply because it's not in my garage and sometimes I need to think on things for a bit. Now I have to come home to research things, or think and then drive back over to the owner's house. Sometimes you can tap on a suspect pump from the top and get it to work one more time. I got nothing outta that. The battery is cooked from being cranked so long. There's 2 connectors on this pump but I don't know which one controls the gauge and which is for the pump. I suspect I know which is which but I'm not 100%. The connector that I think controls the pump has 3 wires on it (a red, a green, and a gray/black). Normally red is hot but I get nothing outta that wire. I get 5 volts from the gray/black wire. So maybe the red is ground. I suspect then that the green talks to the computer and crank position sensor after the motor's running.

Autozone gets $270 for a new pump. I can buy them all day long on the internets for $150. But...I think I'm actually going to suggest we get one local and then bring it home and hook it up before dropping it in. If it run's then we're good to go. If not, then......raaaaaaaaaarrrrrr.

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