Thursday, December 30, 2010

I'm not a fan

of anti-lock brakes. So here's what I came up with. The fuse that controls the ABS unit is a that 20 amp mini fuse in the middle. I've seen guys tackle this job different ways but my idea was to use spade connectors in place of the fuse. The connector on the left was my first attempt. If you look closely you can see that the connectors are actually 2 pieces of metal sandwiched together. The way I cut the first set eliminated one of those layers and made the connector fit really loosely in the fuse panel which was no good. So I ended up going with 2 of the connectors on the right. This way the height of the connector remained the same as the fuse.

This is the wiring kit I came up with. Radio Shack only had a 3 terminal rocker switch so I went with it anyway. The wire with the inline 20 amp mini fuse connects to the positive side of the rocker and the other one serves as the ground. Both wires head from the switch and back to the fuse panel where they get plugged in where the fuse used to live. With the rocker switch I can essentially turn on and off the ABS without having to manually pull the fuse.

This is how it ended up looking when all done. The fuse panel is directly behind that change drawer. A lot of guys complain about not being able to use that drawer again because the connectors stick out further from the fuse panel than the actual fuse. I opted to just cut out a section from the back of the drawer so that it could still be used. I'm a stickler for the details and would much rather have the drawer notched from behind than see the fuse panel and wires hanging out.

I did have a few headaches with this working properly. I won't go into what was happening because the only thing that's important is that I re-checked my wiring and found that I had the negative wire going to the wrong switch terminal. Things are fine now. The only minor issue is that the STI guys can actually switch between ABS and no ABS live with the rocker. When I start mine up, I have ABS working and no idiot light on the dash. When I flip the switch, I disable the system and get an idiot light on the dash. I can't just flip back and have ABS again unless I actually turn off the ignition again and then the system recognizes that it's been reset. I can live with this. If I actually turn off the ABS, I won't want it on again until I get where I'm going.

Now...the reason I did this is simple. Today when I was goofing around, there were times when I would left foot brake while still mashing the accelerator and the ABS would kick in. There are times when drivers want to lift off the fun pedal and tap the brakes hard for a second to initiate a transfer of weight to set up for a turn and ABS makes that quite difficult to do on both snow and gravel. Please understand that I am not out driving like an idiot on public roads. I always find a big and empty parking lot. This will also make the driving school that I plan on attending a bit easier as well.

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