Saturday, December 11, 2010


I had to laugh last night when the news started. They did a little preview of what some of the top stories were. The top story was that of a new Barbie that actually has a video recorder in it. The story was that this could be a huge concern for child safety because predators might use it to entice small children or it might be linked with child pornography or something along those lines. OK. This, in and of itself was not really alarming to me. What was alarming to me was the story that followed. An 8 year old boy was found hog-tied and then tied to a fence outside of an apartment buidling down in Colorado Springs. The boy was not wearing enough clothing to really keep him warm in the cold temps. Neighbors untied the boy and took him in while police were contacted. They arrived. The boy was released to his mother. I THINK she lives with the father in the same apartment but I can't confirm that. What I can confirm is that the father was issued a summons for child abuse. Seems to me that the child should have been taken from the home while an investigation was conducted. That's how it would work in a state where the Division of family Services knew what the hell they were doing. I could tell some stories about things I've personally dealt with up here.

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