Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Welcome home

I picked up Heather from the airport last night. I think it was sometime on Saturday that she called me and asked if I wanted her to pick me up some of the World's best beef jerky from the Tom Boy down in the South City. Uhhhhhh YEAH!!!!!. So the rest of the weekend I dreamed of how that salty jerky was gonna taste. It was goona be like getting reunited with an old friend. I had dreams of that beef jerky. I also missed my wife too but I really was looking forward to that beef jerky. I didn't want to ask her about the beef jerky right away cuz that'd be rude. We stopped for a bite to eat on the way home. As we're sitting there eating dinner, she mentions to me that my father-in-law, wanted to send home 2 LBS. of deer sausage to me. 2 LBS!!!! I began to get giddy and saliva started pooling in my mouth. Then she proceeds to tell me that she left it there because it would have made her clothes smell if she put it in her suitcase. WHATTTTTTT!!!!!!!!! People looked our way in the restaurant. I smiled at them. Then I whispered, "whaaattttttttt???" She confirmed. I said, "That's ok.......I'll just enjoy the Tom Boy jerky." She looks away and begins to move her fork through her baked beans with bits of bacon mixed in them.I move my head to regain some sort of eye contact. "You DID get jerky from Tom Boy right?" "They were all out baby." "WHAAAATTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!"

So now I'm not getting 2 different types of salted, cured meats. I'd rather get a swift kick to the tool bag.

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