Monday, November 15, 2010

Getting old blows

I had to go to the emergency room last due to some issues I was having throughout the day. The doctor's couldn't find anything but my hundred dollar co-pay. Normally I would not go to the ER but I felt it was probably a good idea given the situation. The doctor that saw me seemed nice enough but I would have preferred someone....smaller in stature. In the midst of the....examination....I judged from his class ring that he graduated from Cornell with the class of 67. Several hours later and, after being the butt of many jokes, we were able to get past the stink of it all and, eventually, I went home and left it all behind. OK...enough puns. Today I had to go to my primary care doctor. My appointment was at 1:15 and I finally was seen at 2:30 but this time my co-pay was only 15 bones. The verdict? Well I'm going to get snaked again. I just had this dreaded procedure done last year. Only this time I get snaked on both ends. I just hope they use a clean instrument both times. Lab work from last night indicates that I have lost 2 points in my blood count from about a year ago. I'm no doctor but I'm sure that these numbers aren't static but 2 points seems like a lot to me and I'm concerned. To put it in perspective, your typical female giving birth will lose right at 2 points of blood. I'm down on red blood cells and platelets as well. Hematocrit levels were low as well so I shouldn't be accused of taking any EPO anytime soon. I do not know if this is what's making me so sleepy lately but it is not uncommon for me to come home from work at 4 and sleep until 7 each day. I am exhausted all day long and just continue to pour coffee down my throat. So today I had more blood drawn and they're going to look at my thyroid gland and see if that's causing problems and I also get to do a sleep apnea test.

I actually do have a fear of growing old. Seems silly but it's beyond my control.

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