Saturday, November 20, 2010

Saturday ride

I got in a 4 hour ride on the SS today. It was fun to ride. I'm probably not in the best shape right now and it was harder but I don't really think I took any longer to ride my normal loop. Most of the time I climb middle ring, top cog so I definitely had to push a bit harder and the cadence was lower but I think it worked out pretty equally. The BB7's continue to squeal but I like them. I did catch a small tree on the front cable and broke that so I had no front brake for half the ride but it was something I could have fixed if I was so inclined but there was so much hiking right after I broke it that I didn't even bother with it. The pictured are in no particular order.

I rode next to this little stream for about 2 hours and kept stopping to fish. It's maybe 2 feet wide here. Obviously in the summer months it has more flow to it but there were still some fish to be had.

Like this eager little guy. I just wanted to put him in my pocket and bring him home.

Little bit of snow lingering in the shadows from the most recent storm.

The water on North Catamount Reservoir was choppy today. The winds were blowing at probably 25ish mph.

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Scott said...

do I spy a treble hook?