Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Blood test results

So last night at 6:30, my doctor's assistant called with results of my recent blood work. Last week when they drew the blood I wondered if I was low in iron so I started taking an iron supplement. Since I started taking it, I haven't been nearly as tired. I've been napping a lot but it's my vacation. On Thursday and Friday last week, I did not nap at all when I got home from work which is unheard (especially with Heather being out of town). Anyway...the results indicated that I am extremely low in Vitamin D. I think normal would be about 25 and I'm at 18. It was low enough that my doctor wants me on prescription Vitamin D rather than supplements. Starting today I'll be taking 50,000 units of it each week for the next 3 months and then we'll recheck it.

It's always easy to read the symptoms of anything and find those in yourself but I found some of them very interesting. General fatigue, depression or seasonal affective disorders, increased amount of belly fat (I knew it wasn't beer gut onset), and an increase in dental problems to name a few.

In other news...Heather got sick on her little visit home. Her and her mucus are sitting near me hacking and coughing as we speak. Psyched about that.

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