Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I think I can I think I can......

Man it's been a busy week for me. I had to run down to Colorado Springs for a meeting yesterday and, whilst coming back up the mountain, the Subaru was having fits. It sounded like a fat kid running to the candy store with a coffee can full of coins. I made it home and then forgot all about it as I got side tracked with a nap. This morning it was even worse. I looked like a damn fool pulling into school only now it was squealing like a stuck hog. I made it home from work again and pulled straight into the operating room. I was hoping for a loose belt. When I popped the hood I saw something hanging from the hood liner. I pulled it off and looked at it. It almost looked like a piece of old grass or something so I cast it aside. Then I went to remove the covers so I could see the belts closer and....more old grass. Then I noticed there appeared to be some fibrous tissue in the old grass. Once I got the covers off, I only had a few fibers holdin that belt together. I gave it a yank and it was off and I was off to the auto parts store. While I was in that area I thought I'd replace both the AC and power steering/alternator belt. 33 bucks and a few minutes later and the Subaru is back in business baby!!! The new alternator belt was probably 3/4" thick and I was literally down to strands on the old one.

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