Sunday, November 7, 2010


The Orbea has been in pieces for a week now. It's getting a bit of a makeover and I should be done with it this week sometime. I can't wait to get it back together. I'm missing out on some really nice weather right now. A smarter guy would have waited to take it apart until all the new stuff arrived but I get a little ansty sometimes.

The green bike never gets ridden and it's because it's got 26" wheels. I think about selling it all the time but I know I won't get anything out of it and I'm probably better off hanging onto it. I'm usually sad about every bike I get rid of after it's gone. What I really wanna do is get a 29er SS frame and rigid fork. I've got enough parts lyaing around to build something up and still keep the green bike in tact.

I would also love to get something funky and build it up with my Dura Ace stuff off the road bike. A Van Dessel WTF would be perfect. Heather won't let me sell it though. She thinks I'm climbing the walls because it's so nice outside and the carbon bike is in disarray. She's probably right.

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