Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The other day I busted the push up spring on the Singleator. I got my new one today and installed it. I also got a new 18mm cone wrench for setting the spring tension on said spring. I'm going to cut it down really small cuz I won't need to put any leverage into it and that way it'll fit into my tool pack.

I also got some new grips today. I've tried the Ergon's before but they had the incorporated barends. I rode them for a bit and then gave them to Scott as I just wasn't ga ga over them. I decided to give the ones without the barends a try. There's absolutely no difference in the grip itself but, for some reason, I kinda like these better (at least while riding very tight circles in the garage). I think they look smashing. I did have a minor snafu during the installation process though. The grips bolt on to the bar with a cute little bolt (It's an M4). I snapped the bolt because I've been working out a lot. So I had to go to the hardware store to find a new bolt and then I had to drill out the old one with a 5/64" bit. It was like playing Operation. I was able to get the job done without boogering up the threads. Upon closer inspection I found that my bars were crushed on the ends from those pesky barends that I sometimes run. So...a quick trip over to the neglected green bike and I had a brand new set of Salsa Pro Motos in the wideload variety. That bike is beginning to look like it's been pecked over by rabid vultures.

Funny thing about the Ergon grips. You're supposed to tighten that one little bolt to 5Nm (that's Newton meters). I felt like I was back to working on one of the many Audi's I've had through the years with one of there factory technical manuals. They tell you how tight to go on every minute bolt and screw and it's always in Newton meters. Who the hell knows what a Nm is? Just so you learn something today....5 Newton meters is equal to 44.3 inch lbs. I went with my own measuring system and got them Gootentite.

I also got to fondle the new Niner Air 9 Carbon frame. I asked for a moment alone but the guys weren't having it. If I would have had a cigarette I would have smoked it. I might be in love. They had one white one built up with XX and then a bare Tang frame. This could very well be my next frame. If anyone from the shop is reading this...I licked the Tang frame fairly aggressively while having nasty thoughts.

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