Monday, November 22, 2010


This might be my new favorite show now that Bear Grylls appears to be at the end of his proper rope. The premise is pretty simple. 2 people get put in a wilderness setting (could be desert, mountains, whatever). Then there's this guy that attempts to track them with his sidekick. The 2 couples may be a mile away from each other and a flare shot up into the air signifies the start. Only the "prey" knows where the finish line is. They have 36ish hours to get there and are given a map and compass. The tracker has nothing so he'll race to the general area where the flare was shot off and begin looking for tracks/clues to determine where the prey is headed and then use the land features to try and determine how they'll go about getting somewhere and try and catch them. I'm fairly certain I can outwit this guy. I'm gonna work on submitting my fairly lengthy entry form over the break.

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