Saturday, April 30, 2011

You're outta luck

The phone pictures from Target didn't turn out so well. We found these really cool bike helmets. Heather liked the one with rabbit ears while I fancied the lizard model. Did you know that Target carries the mens equivalent of Underoos? I got pictures of them but...they didn't take. The teachers at the high school that I work at kind of have this unspoken competition amongst us when it comes to hall passes. The guy next door to me has a ratty old briefcase that's held together by Duct tape. A gal down the other way has a crock pot. Our shop teacher welded up a really nice necklace and painted it gold with spray paint. Last year I had a sand pail and all of the associated tools zip-tied to it but someone got pissed off (not me) and threw it and it broke. This year I have a UFC championship belt. Tonight I got another one. It's an inflatable pool ring that looks like a monkey. If someone pops it then they can lug it around deflated. That's almost more funny anyway. I also got a picture of a really hot Rolls Royce in the parking lot.

On the way back up from Colorado Springs, we decided to count the medicinal marijuana dispensaries that we drove past. These were found along the 15 or so mile stretch from Springs up to Woodland. I counted 5 that I could see and I didn't get off highway 24. Had I gone into Old Colorado City, that number would have easily doubled and OCC runs parallel to 24 about a block north. That's insane. I could get a license to smoke pot for a hang nail or because I told my doctor that my butt hurts. It's really disturbing. I could get a license and then grow pot in my house. What the hell is going on? There are more dispensaries in Springs than there are McDonald's. This is a sore subject with me right now.

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