Monday, April 18, 2011

Seeing it ALL

Those three words sum up tonight's mountain bike ride. First I saw this leg. It was a big leg but I couldn't find any other parts to this elk. It seemed like someone had dressed it because of how clean the cut was but it was also right next to a road. I looked around but didn't see anything else until I got a little further up. Then I found the hide. Critters had picked it pretty clean but it was definitely dressed. Again, right next to a road and maybe 100 yards up from the leg. Then a bit further up I found another leg. Then the head. I hate to be negative but I think this was a poaching incident. I sure hope not but I'm gonna call the DOW tomorrow and report it.

Then I continued on my merry way on a fire road. I came across this. What idiot actually takes the time and goes through the trouble to load up an unwanted hot tub and then drive it into the National Forest and dump it? Sometimes I get irritated when our trash service won't take certain things but the solution is to take whatever it is (as long as it's not bad for the environment like paint or motor oil) up to the next town and pay a small fee to dump it. That's what I had to do with our dryer. This infuriates me that someone would be so friggin' rude and have such a complete lack of respect for the outdoors. What's worse is that no more than 100 yards before this I saw a refrigerator on the side of the road. End of rant.

This is the singletrack that I eventually hooked up with and took back down to town.

It forks eventually and I've always gone right but tonight I went left and found this.

From the chimney was a great view of Pikes Peak. Our house is down there somewhere.

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