Sunday, April 24, 2011

New knife

A while back I lost one of my favorite knives that I used to always take with me on mountain bike rides. After I lost it, I found a really nice Leatherman tool that had a knife on it but I really don't need to lug along another tool on rides and, unfortunately, I recently lost that as well. So I've been looking for a replacement knife for a while. I am a big Gerber fan and always have been. I stopped at one store but they didn't have the exact model I was looking for but after one more stop I was holding it at the display counter.

This is the FAST Draw Mini. It comes with either a half serrated blade or a full fine edged blade. This same knife also comes in a bigger size but I wanted the smaller one. The blade/knife is pretty small so I wanted to go with no serrations. This is a spring assisted knife so all you have to do is take off the safety (just like a firearm) and start to move the thumb points and then the spring does the rest. It opens pretty quickly and then locks into place. The handle is some type of glass resin and I wish it was a bit more grippy but you can't have it all. I thought the blade was poorly sharpened out of the box. It did cut paper but after spending some time on it last night, it will now take your finger off.

I wasn't sure I liked it at first but after spending the day opening/closing it one handed, it was just a matter of getting used to it and now I really like it. It's a bit hard to get in your pocket because the thump points get hung up a bit on the fabric but that's something that I'll figure out. It's so small that it doesn't get in your way or feel like you're carrying a big knife once it's in your pocket and that's a nice change.

It will help build a shelter, cut para chord, cut small twigs for tinder, carve a stick into a spoon (which is always what I use to eat), and it will even be able to gut a small animal or fish if 'm in a situation where I need to eat and have to get creative. You can find it at Gerber dealers and it will set you back $25.

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