Sunday, April 17, 2011

Killin' me

Heather's Jeep is crying out for one on one attention. I've had huge issues with the steering components. Now that I've replaced almost all of them I have a new issue in that same area. Apparently the parts that I got from Quadratec are NOT oem replacement stuff like they said. I feel confident that it's safe to drive now but I'm very annoyed with it. I took it to a guy that is in a Jeep club that I used to be involved with when I had my Jeep so that he could check it out. We were able to narrow the issue down to 2 of the 4 new tie rod ends that I just installed. They are loose and, thus, garbage.

Frank just started his own business called Serious Offroad Products. Right now he's working out of his garage but I could see this business going somewhere. He's very well informed about all Jeep models (and many other vehicles as well) and he's got great attention to detail. He had recently built a 1 ton steering setup for a Cherokee (stupid strong) and had the stock system laying in the garage. The tie rod ends felt pretty good so he let me have it so I can swap out those bad ones and send them back. If you need something for your offroad rig or you wanna put a cage in your drop top Mustang at least check him out.

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