Saturday, April 16, 2011

Arizona update

Things are heating up in Arizona. Quite literally. The forecast was calling for temps of 95 for today. I believe this is much hotter than in years past for this event. I'm bummed for Marshal who decided to pull the plug due to the heat. He really enjoys riding in the desert so I know it was a tough decision for him but he knows what that trail is like and it is not something to get into if anything is questionable. Let's get in a fun ride together once you're back here in Woodland.

I was happy to see the Salsa crew of Kurt Refsnider and Joe Meiser out front this morning. Those 2 are absolutely killing it right now. I think Kurt is gonna do amazing things on a bike this year. Behind those two is Lynda Wallenfells and Dave Harris (both of LW Coaching fame). It's reassuring for me to have them helping me prep for this years race and see them both with their shit together in Arizona. Makes me believe that I made a good decision.

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