Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Has absolutely been horrible lately. I road the trainer last weekend and all week long. Marshal called me today and wanted to know if I wanted to get out for a mountain bike ride. I really didn't wanna ride outside but I also really didn't wanna ride in the garage again. So we lucked out and hit a little window right after a snow/rain storm and got on some singletrack.

I've ridden by this spot hundreds of times and I never knew there was a trail down in that little saddle. It's probably because most of the time I'm up here there's always people shooting guns and using that hill in the foreground as a backstop so I get out of there as fast as possible. In this photo you can also see that the Alma is built up with gears again. I built it with XT stuff that has been in a box for a while now. I love the way my SRAM carbon cranks look but nothing shifts like a set of Shimano chainrings. I was not going to build it back up for several more months but......I did.

Found this really cool log cabin kinda thing. Someone put some serious time into this thing. They actually cut out each of the logs to accept the next. I think I'm gonna camp inside of it this summer when I'm doing short overnighters to test things like my bivy and pad and bag.

Pikes Peak was looking good as we were dropping back down into town.

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