Saturday, April 16, 2011


After I got done riding, Heather and I decided to go down to the Air Force Academy and watch a criterium. My buddy Dan who lives up in Brighton had come down to do the race and I hadn't seen him in a while. We saw this car on the way to the race. I wasn't sure what to think.

Crits are really fun to watch but this one could have used more racers and more corners. This was just after the start of the 60 minute Pro/1/2 race.

Maybe 4 laps into it, Dan got off in a 3 man break and I really thought it was gonna stick.

That's my buddy Dan with the cream cheez white legs at the front.

The break wasn't meant to be though and things came back together before another 4 man break went up the road. Dan missed that move but he hung in there for 5th place. It was good to see him again and super fun to hang out with his wife and 2 boys while he was sweating.

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