Saturday, April 9, 2011


There's a little guy that pecks on our house and he is beginning to not only create a nice hole in the siding, but he's also rubbing me the wrong way. During the summer we have some issues with the woodpeckers but this is some other kind of non-woodpecker, pecker bird. It is tiny and I could fit it in my closed fist. So far I have beat on the wall, thrown an apple at him (with a near miss), and thrown a raquetball at him (I was tired, it was early, it was not a pretty effort). About a week ago, I decided to call in the big guns. I got an owl decoy. I first had it on the deck but then the dogs just stood at the window and barked and growled at it and that was equally maddening. Ideally, you wanna move it around once in a while so I decided to relocate it to a nearby tree. The other day I happened to be outside and actually saw this little bird drilling away at the house. He would stop and look over at the owl for a second and then go back to work. I saw him repeat this process several times before I ran around the corner yelling with my arms flailing. I'm going to move my owl friend today and also cut up some pie plates and attach those to the house but this is getting out of hand. I will admit that I did look at a few different BB guns and air soft guns last night at Walmart. I'm still researching but I'm almost positive he's not protected under the law. I need to get a pic of it and send it to my friend at the DOW. I really do not want to kill this bird. There's not much I could use from his body. Before I resort to shooting it I do think I am going to try a fist full of gravel.

In other news, Dharma ate a whole bag of buffalo wing flavored pretzels last night. She had to go out and poop at 3 in the morning.

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