Sunday, April 3, 2011

Nice little Sunday

Every time I load pictures here I get them in backwards order. Oh with it. We've had some bathroom stuff down in the garage now for a week or so and I decided to go ahead and get after it today. The bathroom got new paint that turned out to be a bit more gray than we anticipated but we were trying to match it to granite that was special ordered so it was a bit of a challenge. These are the new fixtures that go with the new top and sink.

This is mid-process of course.

We debated about doing a new floor but it was already ceramic and not horrible to look at. The vanity is actually oak and I hate oak. Heather painted that with a glazed paint that's available from Rustoleum. She also did our bedroom furniture as well since it's ugly oak too. We did a new light fixture but I forgot to take a picture of it so you'll have to wait. I need to get a different p-trap tomorrow and fix some minor plumbing issues and it should be done. We also got brushed hardware for the vanity. It's always hard to get good shots of a bathroom but it should turn out nicely.

The screws supplied with the light were not long enough to mount it to the wall so I had to run to the store. I ended up getting some that were a bit longer than I needed so I was just gonna cut them down with a hacksaw. I damn near cut the top of my thumb off while doing that. Don't ask how. Uncharacteristic of me, I let the expletives fly (and loudly) right after doing it. It wasn't painful but I know better than to handle a tool in that fashion and that's all I'm saying.

This is a gratuitous Dharma shot. I took it without looking at the screen because I knew she would move if she knew about the photo. She was just sitting in the sun yesterday.

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