Saturday, April 16, 2011


For today's ride I wanted to check out a location for an important workout that I'll have to do as soon as I start training. I drove out to Decker's which is not far out of town. I parked at the fly shop right on the river and road north on 67 for 10 miles and then turned around and came back. After I was warmed up I then headed back the other way on 67 towards Woodland Park. After about 5 minutes, the road starts to gradually climb as it winds through a small canyon and parallels a nice creek. This is where I road a 20 minute time trial. My heart stayed between 180 and 183 for the entire time. I didn't think I'd be able to keep it that high. After I was done I road back to the car and headed home. I'll do this workout one more time to determine my heart rate zones. I think it was pretty accurate but next time I'll start to monitor things as soon as I hit 180 instead of when I leave from the car. My average will probably go up a few beats but I want to be as accurate as I can this year.

This is actually heading back to Deckers after getting warmed up. The Platte looked to be in great shape and there was no shortage of people fishing.

More horrible views.

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