Saturday, April 9, 2011

Fishing report

I really wanted to fish 11 Mile Reservoir pretty hard today but there just wasn't much going on there. I managed to lose 3 spoons that run $5 a piece. After about 2 hours, I decided to get outta there. I headed for another part of the reservoir but just wasn't thrilled with the way things looked. So...being that the next reservoir was about 20 minutes away, I decided to book on over. I stopped to say a quick hello to the rangers doing boat inspection and then headed back to my favorite cove. The wind was howling and weather was blowing in over the Divide but I decided to put on my waders and get in the rough water.

Breckenridge is out there.

This is Spinney Mountain. It's not much of a mountain but I spend a lot of time looking at it.

I kid you not. This was on my first cast and only after a couple bumps of the spoon along the bottom. Suck it Rambach!!!!!

I was wanting to get into some Pike today but they weren't in the shallows quite yet. The cold weather didn't help. In a few more weeks they'll move into the shallower water to sun and bow to my knife.

Look at that fat belly. You like that don't you Rambach??

All in all I landed 5 Rainbow's and every one of them was just a hair under 20". When the one above hit, I really thought it was gonna be 20" and come home with me but I couldn't stretch her out. I lost that pink spoon shortly after releasing this fish. I switched to a gold spoon and got shut down for the next hour before getting out.


rambach said...

I will take my medicine and suck it.

rambach said...

and I will wash my medicine down with a little jerky.

Chris said...

Those fish were nice but I still might call and have some of that jerky shipped out. Can you imagine having that kinda day on the water while snacking on jerky and drinking a few cold ones?

Thanks Rob. I think you just mapped out next weekend for me.