Friday, April 22, 2011


I am sooooooooo sick of riding in hurricane winds. We're getting some varying weather lately. 2 days ago I rode in 40 degree temps with howling winds and rain/snow/sleet. Today it was sunny out but colder and stupid winds. There's nothing quite like riding up a mountain pass with a headwind the whole way. I got a 2 hour road ride in today but I actually yelled at the wind several times. Probably the least frustrating ride I did this week was off road with Marshal. It was chilly but we got some cover from the pines. It was not leisurely though as we did some hill repeats. Not sure about that guy. Who's doing hill repeats at 8500'? I was riding my singlespeed that day and, I'll admit, I did curse him a few times. I start training soon and have a big ride planned to kick things off. I was hoping to get in some decent hours on the road to prep for things this weekend but we're supposed to get rain and snow.

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