Saturday, April 2, 2011

I'm so glad I'm not single

Why? I don't know too many gals that want to get with this:

The first night was awkward for sure. The mask rubs the area under my nose totally raw. Maybe I'll develop a callus there. That'll be a good look. The good news is that Thursday morning is the first time in the well over 5 years that I have felt good when I woke up. This equipment requires cleaning every morning or else you can get sinus infections from bacteria. By the time Heather got out of the shower, I had everything clean, a shirt ironed and a cup of juice. I'm a big kid now.

Unfortunately, yesterday morning I was back to my usual self. The second I opened my eyes I knew something was wrong. The oxygen machine has 2 warning lights that require you to call the company right away. One of them was on and I wasn't getting oxygen so I'm sure that's why I felt poorly. They came up yesterday and switched it out to a new machine. This morning I feel about like I did after that first night. I will probably be more awake today but, by this evening at dinner, I'll be tired again. It should get better each day.

I just feel bad for Heather. I was going to make an insulated box for the O2 machine but after talking to the company, the best I can do is put it in the other room and run 25' of tubing to my bed.


TK said...

hey hannibal...silence of the lambs wants their masks back.

Chris said...

OK. Well played.