Monday, June 1, 2009

Viva la Mexico!!

We got back to Colorado last night after 7 magnificent days in Playa del Secreto. I don't even know where to begin to describe this vacation. Heather booked an all-inclusive that doubled as a late honeymoon and one year anniversary celebration. It was a great way to unwind after a really disappointing year for both of us at work and before we start to consider our options.

I've never left the USA so I was on high alert when we touched down in Mexico but no one was there. The Swine Flu saw most people cancelling their plans. I figured I'd just get really drunk and let the Swine and tequila battle it out. After a short trip to the resort, we were greeted with moist (TK used to cringe when he heard that word) towels and champagne. On an empty stomach, it didn't take long for the party to begin. Just like the airport, no one was at the resort so we got even more attention. Most of the time, they just bring you more of whatever it is you're drinking when the glass gets half full. If you say you don't need anymore then the tequila starts to arrive.

Our resort was at 30% capacity and for the last few days it got a bit more crowded but never went over 50%. I imagine a lot of people go there to party but I'm not much of a people person. Sometimes conversation takes a lot out of me and it was great for me to be able to just sit there and vegetate all day although I really enjoyed talking with the staff.

Breakfast and lunch were pretty much a buffet but they will cook you anything you want. I had fresh shrimp, snapper, grouper, cactus, fruit, beef, pork......whatever. Dinner was entirely different. You ordered from a menu and it was 5 star regardless of whether you dined French, Italian, Mexican, Japanese, or Indonesian.

We pretty much stayed at the resort the entire time as it's tough to walk away from. We did venture into Cancun one day for some snorkeling and a tour of the mangroves. We rode waverunners for about 45 minutes each way. Heather had the camera but I swam with a HUGE Grouper. When we came back to the runners to head back, there was a 5-6 foot Barracuda under our runner. I put on my mask and went under and got within feet of it. Amazing. We were out of pictures at that point and normally the rule when fishing is that if it aint on film, it didn't happen so you gotta take my word for it. We have quite a few pics and I may make an album later on with the Mac but for now I'll post some of the highlights here. If I put an album together I'll be sure to post a link.

Big thanks to Kayleen to looking after 2 crazy pitbulls for us. Our original plan was to have our friends Peggy and Henry watch Dharma and drop Bodhi off at the pound I mean kennel but I'm very leary of having my dogs somewhere like that. At the last minute, we found Kayleen who, strangely, said she'd be more than happy to stay at the house and watch them both. I threw her the keys and said, "See ya bye!!!". Peggy and Henry took over for the last few days and walked next door to let the monsters out several times and let Bodhi stretch his legs outside of his kennel. They same fine although it wouldn't be a trip if Bodhi didn't destroy something so he managed to pull a nice down comforter mostly into his crate and chew that up and pass the time with the feathers.

I now have 8 weeks to prep for the CTR and my plan is pretty well setup. I'm supposed to start today and it looks like I'll be spending about 2 hours out in the cold and rain. I think I'm in good shape though. I had a physical before leaving and all is good. I actually lost just under 10 pounds from my weight last year at this time. Height is the same. I behaved in Mexico and still got some workouts in and have come back weighing the same. Time to go get wet and cold.

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