Thursday, June 11, 2009

Got in about 3 hours on the mountian bike today with a lot of hike a bike. I did repeats up a mountain that's just too steep to ride. This particular stretch of trail is part of the Ring the Peak trail. When you access it from the bottom (at the top of Picabo Street for those here) there is a wooden sign that someone's made in their woodworking garage and it says "Mount Esther Trail....foot traffic only....respect private property". 20 yards past this sign are markers for the RTP trail which is completely open to bikes. If a rider were coming from the top, there are no signs at all (other than RTP markers). This section here is actually Pike National forest property and I've never seen any No Tresspassing signs there. I had a hiker get all bent outta shape with me this morning. When he encountered me, I actually had my bike on my bike and was walking up some wooden steps. I even yielded to him. He told me it was foot traffic only here. My response was, "That's why I'm walking". He didn't like that. I don't get it. He couldn't answer my question as to who designated it foot traffic only. At the top of this ridge is a fork. The right will take you on RTP and the left puts you out on Pikes Peak highway. I've gone to the left once and then took the highway down to the gate where several rangers were waiting for me. They were going to ticket me last year but I pleaded my case to them that there are no signs saying you can't ride. They agreed and we agreed that I wouldn't do it again (although it was fun screaming down that highway). I've encountered lot's of hikers along the Esther Trail and no one's ever said anything to me. I suppose I could ride portions of it but I always hike a bike it. If anyone (perhaps Marshal or Scott Morris) reads this could you tell me if you've had any issues up there? Who designated that FT only? A buddy that lives down there says that some neighbors decided to do so and try and discourage anyone from riding it. If that's the case then it kinda makes me wanna hike it more while pushing my bike. I always respect private property but I really don't think this is private.


Anonymous said...

Can not really answer but: As far as I know this section is Not closed to mtn bikes. The says nothing either way. I think you nailed it with some 'locals putting up a home made sign'. Anyway much of this section is to steep to ride up. However I could see bikes being a problem if they were riding down the eroded section(s). I have always gone 'up' and walked most of it, and have never met anyone on this section.

Chris said...

That's what I thought. I can also see where riding down could be an issue from an erosion standpoint. That's why I was trying to be polite.