Sunday, June 14, 2009

I did some more playing around with the Alma yesterday and it feels like I'm riding an old friend. Wait....that didn't come out right. It feels good again. I got in 5 hours on it yesterday and I felt great other than not being able to stop thinking about California Pizza Kitchen for the last 3 hours of the ride. Guess what we did for dinner last night? It's now 4 a.m. and I woke up starving again so I'm downstairs raiding the fridge and now my gut hurts. I'll probably squeeze a ride in this morning and then I think we're going to take Bodhi to a reservoir and see if he likes to swim. I think he will be a good water dog and I'm hoping to be able to take him fishing with me. His newest thing is to get in the bathtub. No water in it...he just likes to be in it. He likes to lick up the water after we've showered. We couldn't find him the other day and then heard a weird noise. He was conked out in the tub and snoaring away. He's really starting to come around now and he's not all that annoying anymore.

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