Sunday, June 21, 2009


Yes you read that corrrectly. Heather and I talked about this for a while and then Bodhi made the final decision for us. I do not want to unintentionally slip one past the goalie. On Thursday I had this procedure done. This is the reason I have not been active on here. I've been doing NOTHING but sitting around and watching movies (Eastwood was phenominal in Gran Torino). I hesitated about putting this on here because some people were stunned by the decision and others didn't bat an eye. I had one guy tell me that I was now less of a man?? I always knew that day would come.

I have had an unbelievable string of luck lately and it continued with the doctor I selected for this procedure. Oddly enough I selected a guy (I wanted someone with first hand knowledge of the area and not just from books and clinical experience) and then went in for the consultation (which I essentially treated like an interview for him). Super nice guy that didn't make me feel any more awkward than normal as he talked about my twig and berries. Again...the icing on the cake was the doctor's name. His name is Dr. Gorab. (Now one of the things I do with my students is give them words and then change a letter in that word so they have to tell me what it says then. Most of the time you end up with a non-sense word but that's what I want. Words they've never seen before and actually have to apply the rules of the English language in order to properly pronounce the word.) So...I noticed right away (and I do this all the time) that if you remove the /r/ from the name and put in an /n/ whatta ya get? Dr. Gonad. Beautiful. Who else do I want to be in charge down there? He was very gentle and I wont go into detail about the procedure. Let's just say that for the last several days I have felt a lot like I did when I was younger and fell on the top tube of my BMX bike. Permanent cramps.

I'm hoping to get cleared to get back on the bike sometime this week. I'm super pumped about the CTR. The GDR riders should be coming through Hartsel (about 40 miles from me) sometime early this week and I thikn I'm gonna camp in the van and then hook up with the front runners and maybe ride with them for a day.