Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I'm back BABY!!!

Heather and I went out for a late dinner at Chili's of all places last night and I strapped on the feed bag. I was feeling a bit nauseous until later in the evening but I went for a ride around the neighborhood in sandles and felt better. I did have clothing on but was just pointing out that I rode in sandles.

It feels like I don't have much time left to get ready for the CTR. I probably have more time than I think I do but I'm worried. I still have some key pieces of gear that simply have to get sorted and they're not real cheap but they have nothing to do with the bike and this is concerning. I'm trying to prioritize things but I'm gonna run out of money for sure. It'll happen. I'll just be bringing some Duct tape along for the ride.

I do need to start getting some longer rides in. I have a plan put together that should have me ready but everything's gotta go my way the rest of the summer. Unlike last year, I have other stuff on my plate this year and it's difficult to just focus on one thing. I have a job interview on Friday so I need to spend some time this week getting some things together. It's for a position in a day treatment school down in Colorado Springs that services low cognitive and behavior disordered students from surrounding schools that can't handle them any longer. It sounds a lot like how I started my career off. I'm not sure I'm in a position where I want to possibly have to put my hands on kids again (restraints when they're going to hurt themselves or others) and that's concerning. I should also have another interview towards the begining of next week and I'm super psyched about this possibility. I'm not gonna say much about it but it's a really good opportunity for me but I have a lot of research to do on it. I also promised Heather that we'd do way more camping this year and I've gotta make good on that one but that's easy.

I'm going to try and get in a longer ride today but it may be in rain again. I think I'm going to head up and ride from Lake George today and go towards Jefferson or Hartsel and then back but we'll see. I really wanna bring a fishing rod with me cuz I'll be near some sweet water but I'd probably look really silly fishing in lycra huh?

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