Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I knew I was enrolled in a grad school course for this summer but apparently I read the syllabus wrong and all of a sudden I had a really bad feeling today while we were running errands down in Springs. I checked as soon as we got home and I've now missed 2.5 weeks of class and several assignments and discussion boards. I wrote the professor a letter explaining the situation and am waiting a response. I have no clue what's going to happen but I've been beating myself up now for about 4 hours. Part of me says that there's just been so much going on this summer with my doctor's visits, family stuff, and the stress I'm dealing with about work (hence all the interviews I've had recently) that I just overlooked it. Certainly, part of it is simply that I didn't look closely enough at the syllabus and I can admit that. I'm mad. I'm so close to graduating and this could be a major setback not to mention that this class costed about 3 grand. Heather's really thrilled with me. I might have to bivy up outside tonight. Or sleep in the van.

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