Monday, June 1, 2009


A chest that hasn't seen the light of day in eons. I got A LOT of looks and heard the phrase, "...looks like a damn fool" more than once.

Our bathroom. Perhaps the biggest disapppointment for me. Some of you know that I have long dreamed of utilizing a bidet to....clean house with. Apparently only the top of the line rooms have the bidet. This is not the way it was pitched to me at all. There was some words exchanged and I'm sad to report that I have no pics or even video of it's use. I did try buying someone that was staying in said upscale rooms some drinks in exchange for 15 minutes of time in their bathroom but they respectfully declined. I also managed to locate a garden hose but the bush wasn't quite as protective as I'd like and I do get stage fright.

The porch.

The bed. Let's keep this civilized shall we?

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