Monday, June 1, 2009

Good stuff today

It rained pretty much all day and quite heavy at times with some hail thrown in but I still managed to get out and get my time in even though I had to wear clothing that I shouldn't have to have on at this time of year. I had some time left to kill so I decided to head up to Divide and when you're coming back down into Woodland, you can hit 35 pretty easily on the final drop into town. I was almost taken out by a guy turning left out of the Country Inn Hotel onto highway 24. I was full on with both brakes but it just wasn't enough. Luckily he must have seen me at the last moment and I was able to lay off the brakes and jump out further into the highway (after making sure it was clear behind me) and get around him. It was a close call for sure and the wet roads made it more interesting. I think it would not have ended well for me. He definitely knew how I felt about the deal.

Big props to fellow St. Louisan Brad Huff on his 2 wins at Tulsa Tough and the Omnium win. Way to break the streak Brad. Hopefully that momentum will carry on to the Tour of Missouri.

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