Monday, June 1, 2009

A little chapel at the resort.

A Mexican ground squirrel.

Just a random shot of part of the resort. Funny story. These pools and fountains are all over the resort. They are very shallow (maybe 6" and lined with smaller rounded stones). We met another couple from St. Louis of all places. After we established where they went to high school (a St. Louis thing) we all went to dinner and sat at a table right next to one of said pools. Another couple went to sit down at the table next to ours and the woman fell into this pool. This will sound terrible but it was perhaps one of the funniest things I've seen. Imagine the sound and then to look over and see a woman laying face down in this pool. If it would have been deeper it might not have hurt so much but.....6" doesn't cushion the fall much. I'm sure she was drunk and we speculated that her high heel probably slipped off the edge and then she lost it. I have no idea how I kept it together through the ensuing rescue effort that took place but I did it. It hurt but I did it. Sadly, the woman broke her wrist in the fall and the couple left after she was pulled from the depths. Picture the trail of water that followed her as she slowly limped away. Kinda like slime leading to a snail.

A shot of the beach. Notice the lack of people. This friendly staff member is about to bring me yet another beverage of my choice.

Really hard to get a shot that isn't ruined by people.

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