Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Liquid sunshine

For some reason I have really been fearing that the weather will wreak absolute havoc on me for this years CTR. 2 days ago I was in Mexico sweating my brains out. Yesterday and today it's been cold and raining. Today its 40 and feels like 30. There's a chance for snow today and tomorrow. I don't so much mind riding in the rain but it is cold out here. Back home a little shower would be refreshing but here it hurts. As long as the lightning stays away I suppose it'll be fine. Should be real fun.

In other news, Bodhi and I started going through gear last night and making decisions about what I'll bring along. Things are looking good and I'm actually about done. I have a few things in the "debateable" pile and we'll see if they get to come along. They are what I consider more luxury type things but if the weather is an issue this year they become mandatory for safety reasons. Regardless, it's disgusting how much less stuff I am bringing this year. I really learned a lot last year and that's gona help out. I think about these guys who had done (and have done this year as well) races like the Arizone Trail, the Grand Loop, etc. They must have so much more knowledge about what to bring and what to not even consider. I'm getting there.

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