Monday, June 15, 2009

I went outside this morning and was messing around in the van when a cop car pulled up in my driveway. Ruh Roh. He asked if I had seen a bear come through my yard in the last 10 minutes or so. I hadn't but I told him I'd go check behind the house. I walked up the hill and looked left. Nothing. I looked right and did a double take at this image. By far the biggest Colorado black bear I've seen to date. Pictures don't do justice as it's tough to get an accurate scale but when he was on all fours, the top of his back was easily right below my chest. Normally we see younger bears or a momma and her cubs but this was a mature male and he was hurt too. Something was wrong with his right front paw. He had dug quite a hole in the dirt at the base of this tree and was resting. The department of wildlife will not assist a bear as long as it can move on it's own. Another cop approached it until it started to slowly move along. I wish they'd have just leave him be. He wandered over to the cemetary that's just over the hill from us and bedded down there. I was able to zoom in pretty close with our little Canon camera. No need to get near him.

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