Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I really like going to job interviews. Under most circumstances I interview well. However, I'm still disappointed at some things that I had to deal with this year and it's effecting how I feel about the quality of teacher that I am. I've had 3 interviews in the last 2 weeks. Personally, I thought the first one went really badly but I did get an offer out of it. I had another one a few days later and got an offer from that one too. Both are teaching positions and that's all I'll say about that right now. The last interview I had on Monday was for an administrative position where I would work for 3 surrounding school districts and I would be their Autism and Behavioral Consultant. Basically I would be the go to person to observe, document, and then implement a plan to deal with/change student behaviors (including social/communicative behaviors) that others can't come up with an explanation for or a plan of attack. It sounds pretty exciting and I think I'm ready for a new challenge but I'm not sure about the job. I should hear something about the consultant job tomorrow and then I'll make a decision. I should definitely know by this weekend where I am going to be working this fall. 2 years ago I made a promise to some 6th grade parents that I would be there for their children all through middle school. It truly saddens me that I may be leaving them in their final year. It frustrates me (and makes me angry) that, ultimately, the children are the ones that suffer. If I end up leaving my current school I will have to go to every one of my students' homes and tell them face to face. I owe them that much. Then I'll have to go pack up my room and move things and that'll take days. Something else to do other than ride.


rambach said...

Did you hear about the interview, the class? What was the name of the canoe rental on the black?

Chris said...

I'll call you.