Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Words that I don't care for

I'm going to start a list. Here's what I have so far and these are in no particular order:

1. Kiddos: This is a word that I really had no ill feelings towards until I moved to Colorado. This word is only rivaled by the sheer number of medicinal marijuana shops located within the state. Personally, I think nothing sounds worse than when you're sitting in an important meeting with other adults and professionals and you refer to the student(s) in question as either a kiddo or kiddos. It's always most appropriate to refer to them as students (not kids, not children, definitely not kiddos).

2. Kit: I think I've talked about this one before but it's worth touching on again. When did people start referring to the spandex that cyclists wear as kits? This word makes me cringe. Do people really walk into bicycle shops and ask, "Where do you keep your kits?" Stop trying to be cool and just call them what they are. They are cycling shorts or cycling jerseys. When speaking about them both I really prfer to call it a cycling outfit. I think it sounds much more festive. I find it infinitely more annoying when folks use it as a verb and state that they are, "Getting kitted up." Like you're cycling cronies are waiting outside on you and they yell up, "Dude....what's the hold up?" You yell back, "Hold your horses......I'm getting kitted up!" No....you're getting dressed. If I am ever waiting on someone and they tell me that...I am leaving.

3. Pop: Heather watches a lot of home make over shows. She also watches a fashion show called, "What not to Wear." You can hear this word on both. Examples include, "That scarf really pops. The counter top makes this room pop." A scarf or counter top or earrings do not pop. They can make you look nice or make a room look nice but they do not pop. Not ever.

If I ever hear anyone say, "The kit that this kiddo is wearing really makes him or her pop" I will punch them.

That's all I have for right now. I know a guy that doesn't care for a certain word. I know he's reading this and out of respect for him I don't want to say what that word is as I know the impact it will have on him. It rhymes with Shmoist. I think Heather said this word the other day. I can't recall the context in which it was used but it really doesn't matter. Whenever I hear it, I think of him. I reminded Heather that he didn't care for that word and it led to a discussion on similar words. I texted him right away and asked how he felt about the word damp. Interestingly, he is fine with damp. Not moist. Oooops. Sorry.


hanna kakouris said...

man, i sort of like the "k" word. but i promise not to use it around you if you refrain from using the "m" word. deal?

Chris said...

Why hello Hanna. Sounds like a deal to me dude. Wait. Which "k" word? Kiddo or kit? I'm guessing kit. I can't imagine that you use the word kiddo all that often.

I'll be honest. I used to actually enjoy using the "m" word around your father. Cupcakes could be described as being the "m" word. He would never say anything about it but his body language gave it all away.